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Capital Dispute Finance

We can run your claim – cutting out the middle men – at no risk or cost to you

Litigation can be expensive and time consuming. We know that many businesses can’t – or don’t want to – commit the resources, both human and financial, to pursue a claim.

But, we believe in access to justice for all.

With Capital Dispute Finance, we’ll run your claim, pay for it, and cover the risk. If we believe in your claim, we’ll:

  • Run it, so you don’t have to
  • Pay the costs of pursuing it so that your cash stays invested in your business, rather than risked on litigation
  • Cover the risk of losing and having to pay your opponent’s costs.

If you lose, you pay nothing. If you win, you pay a proportion of your recovery to us.

Unresolved claims can be an asset to your business. We can help you pursue a current claim, or one that you might’ve written off – up to 12 years old in some cases. You won’t have to worry about how much noise the other side are making – we have the experience and skill to take on your claim. By running and funding the claims ourselves, we simplify the process – cutting out the middle men that other financiers often employ to second guess your claim’s merits.

This streamlined approached means we can fund claims as low as £100k, as well as larger ones, more competitively than ever before. Get in touch, and we’ll work together to assess your claim within two weeks.

‘We were the first client to use Capital Dispute Finance and within 5 months of entering into the funding agreement, we achieved a fantastic settlement at mediation – a result that we are delighted with.

Without the litigation fund, we would not have been able to unlock our claim which was clearly an asset to our company. Our opponent had deep pockets, but the backing of Capital’s fund gave us gravitas and access to justice that we would not have otherwise had.’

Helen Jones
Director, Fix Training