International desks

We can give you quick and easy access to the international support you need.

From our base in Wales, we work with clients around the world, and have attracted talent from diverse backgrounds. This diversity enables us to support organisations regionally, nationally and globally.  

So you can easily access the international support we provide, we’ve launched a series of international desks. Each desk’s team is made up of lawyers who originate from, or are intimately familiar with, the countries they represent. Many are native language speakers, and all can help you navigate the local legal system – through both legal advice and personal connections.  


At Capital, we understand the distinct legal and political Welsh landscape. Welsh law is rapidly diverging from English law, so we regularly advise both private and public sector organisations on the laws of the Welsh Assembly. Whether you need help with a commercial dispute, employment contracts, or a property transaction, you can always ask us Welsh law related questions. We’re also fluent Welsh speakers, so everything we can do for you in English, we can do in Welsh.  

Elin Pinnell, a founder of Capital and our Managing Partner, heads up the Welsh desk. An employment lawyer with over 25 years’ experience, she is a fluent Welsh speaker and can offer a complete service through the medium of Welsh. 

The Balkans

We advise clients who would like to trade with, or from, the Balkans. We know the differences in the various legal systems in the region, and their different business cultures. We are fluent in Serbian, Croatian and Macedonian, and understand the historic political complexities of the region.

Our network and relationships mean that we can access lawyers whom we know, have worked with and trust, in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the rest of the region.

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Angelina Drljaca-Chandler, who heads up our Balkans desk, is a native Serbian, Croatian and Macedonian speaker. She grew up in the region and has very close ties to it. Angelina is a corporate lawyer with 15 years’ experience. 

The Baltic states

We are one of the few law firms in the UK, and the only one in Wales, with native fluency in the Lithuanian language. We are therefore positioned to help unlock, not only the Lithuanian, but also the wider Baltic market. We understand the local business culture, and have an extensive network of business contacts in the region. 

The Baltic states were confirmed last year as among the easiest countries in which to do business. They have a costcompetitive and talented workforce, and worldclass communications. They consistently import around £2 billion of value a year from the UK – and are also a strong gateway to the massive Russian market. 

Jeigu norėtumėte daugiau sužinoti apie mus, mes labai mielai plačiau papasakotume jums apie savo veiklą.

Richard Thomas heads up our Baltic desk, supported by Andrew MazeikaAndrew is a native Lithuanian speaker, and has undertaken pro bono legal work for Lithuanian nationals in the UK while studying the Legal Practice Course. In March 2019, he attended a conference in Vilnius and gave a talk on aspects of seconding workers from Lithuania to England and Wales.  

Channel Islands

We provide legal advice to clients from the Channel Islands who do business in the UK, as well as clients from the UK who do business in the Channel Islands. We are familiar with legal practices in the region, and understand how they vary from the legal systems in England and Wales. 

We have close relationships with lawyers and other professional advisers in the Channel Islands, based on our long experience of working with clients doing business there 

Angelina Drljaca-Chandler, who heads up our Channel Islands desk, has worked on many transactions involving Channel Islands clients and businesses. She is a corporate lawyer with 15 years’ experience. 

China & Asia

China and South East Asia are important markets for the UK. We are a member of the China Collaborative Group (CCG)which facilitates trade and investment as part of the One Belt One Road Project. The CCG has been officially acknowledged by China’s National Development and Reform Commission.    

We offer legal advice to clients exporting to or importing from China, or who wish to set up a business there. We also help clients from across South East Asia with their legal issues in the UK.  We have a network of trusted lawyers in South East Asia, and through them a practical understanding of the different legal systems, cultures and languages.  

We advise on corporate and commercial transactions, joint ventures, banking and security, employment and corporate governanceenforceability of contracts, and intellectual property issues.  

Marlies Hoecherl, who heads up the China & Asia desk, supported by Duncan Macintosh, is a corporate lawyer with over 20 years’ experience in both corporate and commercial practice, often with an international dimension. She has worked on many projects in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.  As part of the CCG, she has advised on Chinese legal issues in Shanghai. 


We facilitate legal advice to German clients, and clients who would like to do business in Germany. We understand the difference in legal systems, are fluent in German, and are familiar with the business culture in Germanspeaking countries. Our extensive network means we can access lawyers we know, have worked with and trust, in Germany, Austria and Switzerland – as you need. 

We advise on corporate and commercial transactions, employment and directorship issues, enforcement of judgments and claims, as well as insolvency.

Was auch immer ihr juristisches Problem – wir sind fuer Sie da!

Marlies Hoecherl, who heads up the German desk, is a native German speaker. She is a corporate lawyer with over 20 years’ experience in both corporate and commercial practice, often with an international dimension.  

South East Asia

We offer legal advice to businesses looking to trade with, or from, South East Asian countries. We understand the legal, commercial and cultural issues that impact on trade between the region, Europe and the UK, and our links with lawyers in India mean we can also help you navigate the country’s unique mix of civil and common law.

The Indian subcontinent is a very important market for business, particularly in the light of its significant role in the global economy, and the UK government’s desire to strengthen its ties with India post-Brexit. It is a hub for a variety of trading and manufacturing sectors, including automotive, technology and pharmaceuticals.

Duncan Macintosh was born and raised in New Delhi – his family was in business there for over 30 years – and retains strong links with the country. He is admitted as a solicitor in England and Wales, and in Scotland. A founder of Capital, Duncan leads our Corporate team, and heads up our Indian desk, supported by Tara Swaminathan. Tara was born in Devon, with strong roots in Chennai and is fluent in spoken Tamil. Working in our Financial Services team, Tara has a master’s degree in international law and international relations. 


Ireland is Wales’ third largest export market, with £1.5 billion worth of goods exported in 2018. The Welsh government is working to strengthen ties across the Irish Sea after Brexit. Ireland has also become a global hub for the technology sector, and an attractive jurisdiction for multinational businesses.  

Our Irish desk supports clients looking to do business in Ireland and the United Kingdom.  It comprises dual Irish/English and Welsh qualified lawyers. We understand the legal systems, the market, and the business culture in Ireland. Thanks to our network, we can access lawyers we know, have worked with, and trust, in Ireland and Northern Ireland. 

Our Financial Services team often works with clients in both the Irish and UK economies. We also work closely with the Consul General of Ireland in Wales, to help further develop Irish/Welsh business and cultural ties. 

Chris Coughlan, who heads up our Irish desk, grew up in Dublin and is admitted as a solicitor in both England & Wales and in Ireland. Chris is a commercial, data protection and intellectual property lawyer, specialising in technology. 


We support Italian-speaking clients, or clients who have business in Italy. Our knowledge and understanding of both the Italian language and business culture allow us to provide specialised and bespoke support 

We advise on corporate and commercial transactions, commercial disputes, insurance, and employment. Our links with Consulegis and GBL Alliance give us connections with trusted colleagues in Italy.  

Non vedo l’ora di lavorare con voi!

Catrin Povey, who heads up our Italian desk, lived in Milan as part of a university exchange with the Università degli Studi di Milano. She is an insurance lawyer, with a special interest in InsurTech.  

Middle East

We facilitate advice to clients who wish to do business in, or from the Middle East. We understand the way business is done in the Middle East and are familiar with legal practices and business culture in the region.

Our network and relationships with lawyers in the Middle East mean that we can access lawyers whom we know, have worked with, and trust.

Angelina Drljaca-Chandler, a corporate lawyer with 15 years’ experience, heads up our Middle East desk. She has spent time working in the region, in the corporate department of a large international law firm. 

United States

We advise American businesses who want to trade with the UK, or to establish a business there, and vice versa. We are part of two international networks of lawyers, many of whom have offices across the US.

The UK is prioritising a new Free Trade Agreement with the US after we leave the EU. To secure ongoing trade, a deal reported to be worth over £12.8 billion (based on recent trade flows) was struck between both countries in February 2019.

We can advise on all aspects of business, including corporate and commercial transactions, commercial disputes, employment law and immigration, as well as commercial property. Our Financial Services team has helped many firms in the sector to establish a regulated business in the UK, in Europe or in the US.

Rachel Hillier is a corporate and commercial lawyer with 20 years’ experience, specialising in financial services regulation. She manages the US desk, supported by Angharad Aspinall. Angharad is an employment and business immigration law solicitor, with 10 years’ experience advising employers on cross border issues.